Women desperately seeking to channel the looks of curvaceous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and JLo are undergoing illegal butt injections to save money. The majority of women opting for the back alley procedure are unaware that they’ll probably pay the ultimate pricetheir lives.

Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu of Jamachi Plastic Surgery and Medispa shared his first-hand experiences correcting the side effects of botched butt injections with the International Business Times

Though illegal, butt injections are a cheap, time-saving alternative to legal butt enhancement procedures. And Dr. Onyewu warns the consequences are crippling. The poisonous mix of industrial-grade oils, silicones and cements can’t be absorbed by or expelled from the body. This leads to serious health problems down the road. Hardened skin, organ failure, and loss of limbs are just a few of the complications.

“Once injected, the substances can take years to migrate to other parts of the body and cause blood clots, septic infections and sometimes death,” reports Dr. Onyewu.

Dr. Onyewu is one of  very few pioneering plastic and reconstructive surgeons willing to treat patients with illegal butt injections. Many medical practitioners are reluctant to provide corrective treatment. 

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