Umbilical and Ventral Hernias

Hernias occur when weakened abdominal muscles allow internal organs or tissues to protrude through the abdominal wall. Whether developed due to weight loss or physical strain, umbilical and ventral hernias can cause great discomfort, pain, and even potential complications if left untreated. 

The treatment for hernias typically involves a repair surgery in which our expert surgical team will carefully examine the size and location of the hernia and create a personalized treatment plan to address your condition. In most cases, the hernia will be closed to prevent issues from developing in the future but for larger hernias, additional surgical techniques may be employed. 

Our team will closely monitor your healing progress and ensure you have the necessary support throughout your journey. Patients can expect to experience reduced pain and discomfort following the procedure and, with time, improved abdominal strength and appearance. By entrusting your care to our expert team, you can confidently take the step towards a healthier and more confident life.