Inmode and Renuvion: How Skin Tightening Can Help You in Problem Areas.

Achieving your desired body shape can be a challenge, especially when it comes to tightening loose skin. Fortunately, Jamachi Plastic Surgery and MedSpa offer two innovative skin tightening procedures: Inmode (aka BodyTite and FaceTite) and Renuvion (aka J-Plasma). These procedures require minimal downtime and offer an effective alternative to skin cutting  surgery. So how do they work?

Inmode and Renuvion are similar in terms of their non-surgical approach and technologies to tighten the skin. Inmode uses radiofrequency energy, which is delivered to the skin through a handheld device. The energy heats up the skin, internally and externally, stimulating collagen production, which helps to tighten the skin. Renuvion uses a combination of radiofrequency and helium gas applied under the skin to create a plasma field. The plasma uniformly increases collagen production and tightens the skin. 

Now, you may be asking yourself: what would I use these procedures for? The answer: a lot. Here are the top ways Jamachi plastic surgeons are using Inmode and Renuvion:

  • Neck Tightening After Lipo: Liposuction can do a lot to sculpt your jaw and neck, but it does not tighten skin very well. Using Renuvion or Inmode (FaceTite) after getting Liposuction on your neck allows you to see your Liposuction results faster and more defined chin, neck and jaw to frame your face into a more youthful shape.
  • Skip the Tummy Tuck – Tighten Your Skin: Invasive procedures like Tummy Tucks can be intimidating especially with the scars they leave behind and potential time for recovery. Renuvion and Inmode (BodyTite) can help you achieve a flatter stomach without long scars by tightening your abdominal skin. Get a flat tummy with less scarring and less downtime.
  • After Massive Weight Loss: If you have just achieved massive weight loss, congratulations! With your achievement though, you may have noticed sagging skin. It can take years for your body to naturally tighten your skin, if ever. Renuvion and Inmode (BodyTite) can help you quicken that process and see better results by stimulating the collagen your body already uses.
  • Pesky Bra Strap Area: The skin in your upper back works hard, stretching for your shoulders and being pinched by your bra. It starts to loosen up over time with excess fat, skin, and laxity that causes back rolls around your bra. Over 90% of women complain about the area on their back where the bra strap hits and long for backless dresses and summers in cute bathing suits. Skin tightening after Liposuction smoothes the sagging skin to make back rolls a thing of the past.
  • Incision-less Breast “Lift”: Use skin tightening to get a minimally invasive non surgical breast lift. Females who want a little lift without the incision of a surgical breast lift can enjoy at least a  2-4 centimeter lift of their nipple position through skin tightening and fat transfer. This is a great alternative for people who scar a lot or have a darker complexion.
  • Man boobs (gynecomastia): Medically known as Gynecomastia, man boobs are a hassle to deal with. If you’re a man experiencing this unwanted shape, Renuvion or Inmode (BodyTite) can help tremendously. By activating the collagen, these skin tightening solutions pull back the soft tissue causing the droopy look, leaving you with a firmer and flatter chest.
  • Six Packs: You’ve worked hard for your abs so why not show them off! Having your body pull back on the skin in your abdomen will act as a vacuum seal for your abs, hugging every muscle. 
  • Arms: Whether you have lost weight or just getting older like everyone else, flabby arms are a nightmare! Instead of having arm lift surgery and a scar from your elbow to your armpit, tightening the skin around your “flabby arms” could get you your desired look and avoid a scar and lengthy recovery.
  • Inner thighs: Similar to arms, the appearance of your thighs changes with age and lifestyle choices. Sagging and cellulite can be hard to get rid of even with weight loss. Surgery can fix it but will leave a scar from your knee to your groin. Instead, tighten your inner thighs and lessen the impression of cellulite with Renuvion or Inmode (BodyTite).

Renuvion and Inmode are great options for a large number of problems. If you are experiencing any of the issues that we listed or have concerns about another problem area, reach out to us for a consultation. We will see if Renuvion or Inmode are the right procedure to get you the results you want.