Breast Augmentation

 (Augmentation Mammaplasty)

Second to liposuction, breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. Jamachi Plastic Surgery & Medi-Spa offers the latest techniques in breast augmentation surgery.

A woman may consider breast augmentations for a variety of reasons:

  • She may feel that her breasts are too small for her body.
  • She may feel that her upper body is out of proportion to her lower body.
  • She may have breasts that differ in size and/or shape.
  • She may wish to restore breast volume lost as a result of pregnancy, nursing or weight loss.

Breast augmentation is among the plastic surgery procedures with the highest patient satisfaction ratings. Many women experience an immediate improvement in their self-esteem and discover a greater self-confidence. In a recent study, 90% of breast augmentation patients responded that they undertook the procedure to improve the way they feel about themselves, and respondents overwhelmingly cited themselves as the primary motivator in their decision to have breast augmentation surgery (94%). In addition, many women find greater access to different clothing styles and fashions following breast augmentation.

At the cornerstone of Dr. Onyewu’s approach is creating an individualized treatment to meet your specific circumstances and goals. This customized approach will help you achieve the appearance you desire with the least invasive procedure available.