Avoid Plastic Surgery Regret: Essential Questions to Ask Before Any Procedure

From botched Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) to filler fiascos, the plastic surgery world has seen its fair share of regretful procedures. These horror stories, while alarming, can be avoided with thorough research to choose experienced, properly credentialed plastic surgeons. Expert plastic surgeons Dr. Dare Ajibade and Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu share helpful tips on the “must-ask questions” you should ask before scheduling surgery. 

  • Credentials and Training: When looking for your perfect plastic surgeon, keep in mind that it can take some shopping around. Find a surgeon who understands and prioritizes your goals while demonstrating expertise in the type of surgery you seek. Wondering what questions to ask? Here’s a couple: Are they a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Can they provide any references from colleagues or satisfied patients?
  • Experience and Specialties: In addition, make sure to ask how many times they’ve performed the specific plastic surgery procedure you are looking to get. Ask for any available “Before & After” photos, how many years of experience they have with this particular procedure, and what procedures they consider to be their specialties.
  • Procedure Details: Asking for specific surgical details can help you set expectations for recovery and prepare you for important milestones in the healing process. Be sure to ask about the following: Are there certain treatments or procedures that are recommended for your body type? If so, why? What should you expect in the days, weeks, and months after surgery? How long is the healing process expected to take? What might you need to prepare ahead of time so your healing process goes as smoothly as possible?
  • Risk and Complications: Be sure to ask your doctors about any risks or complications associated with the surgery and what your team’s methods of support will be following the procedure. It’s also vital to discuss any potential side effects or reactions. Everyone’s body is different, so be sure your treatment is going to provide you with the results you’re looking for. Remember, advocating for yourself is key!

Plastic surgeons Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu and Dr. Dare Ajibade are eager to answer any questions you may have about your plastic surgery journey. For more information, please email consult.jamachi@gmail.com or call 301-589-2015.

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