Brazilian Butt Lift

Jamachi offers the latest and safest buttock surgery in the Washington, D.C. area. Scientifically known as gluteoplasty, Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock augmentation corrects defects or enhance the aesthetic of the buttock–making your buttock looking smooth and contoured.

The main focus of gluteoplasty is enlarging the contour of the buttocks by the surgical emplacement of a gluteal implant or liposculpture (transfer of fat and liposuction).

Patients seeking buttock augmentation have commonly experienced sagging in the buttock area due to aging or pregnancy, or simply want to have a more prominent backside. Past patients have reported a vast improvement in their self-esteem.

Dr. Onyewu’s customizes a gluteoplasty that best suits the patient’s wants and needs–enhancing your natural curves and improving the appearance of your backside.

At the cornerstone of Dr. Onyewu’s approach is creating an individualized treatment to meet your specific circumstances and goals. This customized approach will help you achieve the appearance you desire with the least invasive procedure available. A gluteoplasty will enhance your natural curves and improve the appearance of your backside.

Dr. Onyewu Discusses the Brazilian Butt Lift