Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu warned about “Killer Curves” pumping parties–where bogus doctors inject unsuspecting patients with industrial grade silicone contaminated with Fix-a-Flat, cement and super glue. Now, a South Florida woman is going to jail for more than a year for botched plastic surgery procedures.

Ron Oneal Morris, the so-called “Toxic Tush Doc”, just pleaded guilty to one count of practicing health care without a license. Morris specialized in injecting the butts, hips, thighs and breasts of women seeking the curvier figures of celebrities Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.  Morris still faces manslaughter charges for the death of a client who paid $2,000 for body enhancements.

Dr. Onyewu, of Jamachi Plastic Surgery & Medispa in Silver Spring, MD, is no stranger to the unsightly and dangerous results of black market plastic surgery. He has been spotlighted on NBC 4 Washington, CBS 13 Baltimore and The Tom Joyner Morning Show warning about the deadly phenomenon of “getting pumped”.  Patients think they’re saving money on the procedures, but often pay a much more severe price.

Onyewu says side effects include leathery skin, uneven enhancements and even death from organ failure due to the toxic silicone. Patients with back alley backsides seek out Dr. Onyewu for corrective plastic surgery from a licensed, board certified surgeon. Corrective surgery is often difficult and can require extensive recovery times.

Watch Dr. Onyewu talk about illegal butt injections on NBC4 Washington and WJZ  below.