Nature doesn’t always provide us with the physique we desire. Despite dedicated workout routines, you might not see the results you’ve hoped for within your available gym time. Consequently, you may consider a procedure to help achieve the desired shape for your buttocks.

Here are four common buttocks procedures:

  • BBL: A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) augments the shape and size of your buttocks by shaping your waist with liposuction and enchanting size and projection with fat transfer from elsewhere in your body.
  • Filler: This nonsurgical improvement involving injection of dermal filler, such as Sculptra, into the buttocks to stimulate collagen production in the skin’s deeper layers.
  • Implants: Surgeons can insert implants into the buttocks for a larger and rounder appearance.
  • Butt Lift: This procedure involves correcting sagging skin from your buttocks for a smoother, firmer look. It doesn’t make your butt larger, just more sculpted.

While these procedures can deliver quick results, it’s important to understand what each entails, and how to prepare and recover optimally.

Choosing the Right Buttocks Procedure for You

Choosing a suitable surgery is crucial to achieving the desired results. Understanding the differences and purposes of the four main buttocks surgeries will assist you in making an informed decision.

A good first step is to discuss your goals with your doctor at Jamachi. They can provide valuable recommendations and answer any questions you might have. The highly educated doctors at Jamachi are always ready to share their expertise and suggestions.

Understanding the Recovery Process

Like any plastic surgery, it’s essential to discuss the post-op period with your doctor beforehand. This includes what to expect immediately after the procedure and in the long term. The recovery period can range from days to months, depending on the procedure.

It’s advisable to arrange for assistance from a family member, close friend, or a home-health aide well in advance. They can help with tasks such as getting to the restroom, changing wound dressings, taking medications on time, and monitoring your general condition. Remember, the duration of necessary assistance will depend on the procedure.

Navigating the Considerations of Buttocks Procedures

Each procedure comes with its own set of considerations, which, when understood and navigated correctly, can contribute to a safe and successful procedure.


  • This procedure allows the surgeon to carefully and accurately place the grafted fat, enhancing the procedure’s safety and effectiveness.


  • When performed by a reputable practitioner using FDA-approved substances, the process is very safe, and complications are rare.


  • The surgeon’s experience and knowledge in implant placement are key in achieving the desired appearance and minimizing potential issues.
  • Implants are permanent. You and your doctor will want to be very precise about their size and shape.
  • Where implants are placed in the buttocks — inside the muscle versus below it — affects both physical appearance and medical risks.


  • Numbness is common, but sensation typically returns within months of the procedure.
  • With advanced surgical techniques and careful post-op care, most patients enjoy excellent, complication-free results and a significant improvement in their appearance.

A reputable, highly trained doctor will always ensure your safety and satisfaction. At Jamachi, our doctors specialize in these kinds of surgeries, are well aware of the considerations, and are confident in our practices. We offer every patient professional service tailored to their goals.

Get Expert Advice When Considering Buttocks Procedures

There is no substitute for in-depth consultations with qualified doctors when you’re thinking about a possible buttocks modification procedure. Jamachi plastic surgeons Dr. Dare V. Ajibade and Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu both bring many years of experience and expertise and are happy to discuss any and all concerns and answer any of your questions. Email or call 301-589-2015 for more information.