Women flock to their plastic surgeons to get the bodies and backsides of their favorite celebs, but is a Kim Kardashian bum for everyone?

In the video above, Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu of Jamachi Plastic Surgery & Medispa can’t exactly say how big is too big, in terms of buttock augmentation, but he does warn there are limitations.

From a technical standpoint, only so much fat can be transferred to your buttocks safely. With any butt augmentation, it is important to transfer fat that can live and grow into existing fat. When the threshold is crossed, you can lose fat rapidly or have fat necrosis–pools of dead liquid fat that may require surgical removal.

Some women also have expectations without considering that the butt size of [insert celebrity with famous derrière here] may not complement their height, weight and overall frame. 

For women who want bigger butts, Dr. Onyewu suggests doing body sculpting during a butt lift. Body sculpting uses liposculpture techniques to bring in the waist. Creating a “Coke bottle” shape makes the butt appear bigger and minimizes the amount of fat being transferred.

Taking baby steps–adding fat to the butt in a series of sessions–can also help women achieve desired results.