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OFFER: Get five massages, get the sixth one free!

COUPLES MASSAGE: $240 (50 Minutes) / $300 (80 Minutes)

Enjoy a quiet moment together with that someone special. Choose between Jamachi Signature or Deep Tissue Massage and unwind together.

HAWAIIAN 4-HAND MASSAGE: $180 (50 Minutes)

The whole body is massaged simultaneously by two massage therapist in fluid wave-like motions that are intended to restore balance to the body, mind and soul.


Lower recovery time for injured muscles. This massage incorporates stretching and maximizes muscle performance.

HOT STONE MASSAGE: $120 (50 Minutes) / $170 (80 Minutes)

Stones are rhythmically glided over sore tight muscles melting tension, penetrating heat into the muscles.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: $105 (50 Minutes) / $160 (80 Minutes)

Ease muscle tension with direct deep pressure and slow, penetrating strokes, reducing aches and pains. Includes stretching.

JAMACHI SIGNATURE MASSAGE: $100 (50 Minutes) / $150 (80 Minutes)

Customized full body medium pressure massage- to reduce stress, relieve tension, easing pain, and improve circulation. Includes stretching.

MATERNITY MASSAGE: $95 (50 Minutes)

For moms to be after their first trimester. Relax and ease tension in this customized massage leaving you feeling .relaxed, calm and nurtured.

TARGET MASSAGE: $65 (25 Minutes)

To ease tension in your neck, shoulders and back after which a soothing hot towel is applied making you feel energized.

SOOTHE YOUR SOLE: $65 (25 Minutes)

A sure way to revive tired feet for those who spend countless hours on the move.

REFLEXOLOGY FEET: $65 (30 Minutes)

A gentle pressure point massage helps release any blockage and re-establish energy flow to improve circulation and relief pain.

REFLEXOLOGY HANDS: $25 (15 Minutes)

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