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Liposuction: A Growing Trend

A report just out by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) says liposuction is the new number one most requested plastic surgery procedure of 2011. It surpasses breast augmentation, which had been in the top spot for years. Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyewu cuts through the fat to explain.

Have we finally bitten off more than we can chew? For the first time in history, liposuction has become the most popular plastic surgery procedure, surpassing even breast augmentation. Could it be that a healthy chest is no longer in vogue? Have Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj overtaken the likes of Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson? Has the butt become more important than breasts? Or are we just getting LAZIER and FATTER? I have noticed the trend, without question. Younger women, older women, older successful men and now even young men are no longer shy about it. They want the love handles gone. That pouch under the belly button? Get rid of it! That fat sticking out under the bra strap? Take it all! To put it simply, liposuction is no longer a big deal—or something to keep secret. Women and men are rushing to get their fat sucked out in record numbers and I have a couple of theories as to why.

Face it–the big butt is in. We loved J Lo. We embraced Kim Kardashian. And Nicki Minaj took it to a whole other level. From butt implants to fat transfers to illegal silicone injections, women are no longer worried about having large rear ends. Just suction in the waistline and put that fat in the butt!

Men are getting in the game. We want to look good and frankly, getting bigger breasts does not really work for us. But a chiseled chest, flat stomach and no love handles? Hmm, that could work.

Blame the economy–everyone else does. But seriously, liposuction is getting less expensive and more readily available. You no longer have to go to a hospital for the procedure and there is little or no down time. You can be back to work two or three days after surgery. Some patients have even gone back to work the NEXT day! Since we started the LUNCHTIME LIPO at JAMACHI, we have seen liposuction become our most popular service.

Technology. With better machines, laser, ultrasound, PAL etc., its EASIER to take MORE fat out, with LESS bleeding, bruising, and pain. Not to mention, MORE convenience.

Baby Boomers are getting old and they don’t like it. So if it takes a little lipo to stay young a little longer, “hey…where do I sign?”

But the real reason lipo is the number one surgery in America is we’re just getting fatter. We love our sweets and our delicious food and drink and frankly, we don’t really like to exercise that much. That is a lethal combination of vices resulting in lots and lots of fat. And did I mention, we don’t like being fat either? End result lots and lots of liposuction.

I remember asking a patient once, a year after liposuction and after they gained 30 pounds, “How much do you exercise?” To which they responded, “None Doc. I got the liposuction so I wouldn’t have to do any exercise.”

All I could do was shake my head. ‘Sign here……’

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